AGUNG PRASETYO. R, (2020) PANTI JOMPO DI KOTA PALU. Undergraduate Theses thesis, Universitas Tadulako.

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ABSTRACT Agung Prasetyo. R (F 221 12 010), “Nursing Home In Palu City”. (Under the supervisor of Fuad Zubaidi and Aziz Budianta) Nursing home is government program as a solution for old people who have social and economic problems, such as social prosperity. It is a gathering place for them who do not have family to take care and leave by their family. It has function as a care homes and housing them, they can socialize and interact each other so that they will not fell lonely and isolated from their family or society. They also can do many activities which involve physical and mental. The purpose of research is realize the concept and design of nursing home which can be suitable with architecture standard. It is going to give them a more ease and provide a place for their activities in Palu city. The instrument of data collection is interviewed the respondents. The sample is collected the data by observation and literature study, then divided the data based on user’s habit and activity. The result of study is recommended a nursing home in Palu city which supply many facilities, such as old people’s home, medical care facility, and skilled facility. There are facilities which is designed in this nursing home, including; Main facilities are old people’s home, employees’ office, medical care clinic, and skilled bulding. Whereas for supporting facilities including; security post, parking area, mosque, library, auditorium, dining room, and electrical mechanic bulding. Key term : Facilities, Nursing home, Old people, Medical Care, Skills. *Supervisor 1 and 2, lecture of Architecture Engineering department of Engineering Faculty of Tadulako University.

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