JAMARO (2022) EVALUASI KAPASITAS SALURAN DRAINASE UTAMA KOTA BUNGKU. Undergraduate Theses thesis, Universitas Tadulako.

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ABSTRACT JAMARO. Evaluation of Main Drainage Channels Capacity in Bungku City. (Under the Supervision of I Gede Tunas) Flooding can occur in an area due to the excess of water that is not accommodated by the drainage network and causing puddles which are detrimental to the surrounding settler communities. In most cases, inundation as a result of flooding does not only occur in low-lying areas, but can also threaten the areas of higher elevation in both urban and rural areas. One area experienced very often inundated is Bungku City, the capital of Morowali Regency, especially in the areas directly adjacent to the coast. Almost in every rainy season, the area is flooded. This study intends to evaluate the planned capacity and dimensions of the main drainage channels in Bungku City, and to determine whether the drainage is functioning optimally in order to prevent inundation which cause damage and loss of infrastructure around it. The process of study is collecting primary and secondary data, then hydrological analysis, hydraulic analysis and evaluating the channel capacity, drainage network and channel handling.The analysis indicates that, the channel performance shows that the dimensions of the channel can accommodate incoming discharges (Qe = 7.4161m3/detik>Qtr = 2.6994 m3/sec). Considering the channel capacity is still sufficient, the sedimentation factor and garbage blockage in the drainage channel are estimated to be the cause of flood inundation in this area. Therefore, the operation and maintenance program of drainage channels by cleaning the channels must be carried out to maintain the capacity of channels. Keywords: Evaluation, drainage channels, design discharge, operation and maintenance.

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