Prediksi Bahaya Erosi Dengan Metode USLE Menggunakan SIG Pada Wilayah DAS Vatutela Kelurahan Tondo Kecamatan Mantikulore

MUHAMMAD RIZAL I (2023) Prediksi Bahaya Erosi Dengan Metode USLE Menggunakan SIG Pada Wilayah DAS Vatutela Kelurahan Tondo Kecamatan Mantikulore. Undergraduate Theses thesis, Universitas Tadulako.

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SUMMARY MOHAMMAD RIZAL IQWALDI - L 131 15 120, Prediction of Erossion Hazards by USLE Method using GIS in Watutela Watershed, Tondo Village, Mantikulore District, Supervised by Dr.Ir.H. Hamzari, Watutela watershed is a watershed in Tondo sub-district of Mantikulore sub-district with ID DAS 183419 which has an area of 923.01 Ha. In this study using the USLE method with Geographic Information System Technology, this study aims to know the erosion hazard that occurs inWatutela watershed and is expected to be useful as basic information about erosion conditions in Watutela watershed and consideration in planning management of Watutela watershed, especially in the area district that spans the river basin. This research was conducted for 3 months, from February to April 2020, the method used in this study is the USLE method computed with the application of ARCGIS Data analysis was performed utilizing GIS with the projection and coordinate system used is the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), the unit is a meter to enable analysis that requires information such as distance and area by map overlay and then calculated using the general equation of the maximum soil loss formula developed by (Wichmeir and Smith, 1978) i.e. A = RKLS.CP. by utilizing the Field Calculate, Calculate Geometry and select by attribute (query) facilities to find out the Erosion Hazard Class. Stages of data analysis include: Overlay, data attribute editing, tabular analysis and graphic (spatial) presentations. The results of this study concluded that in the Watutela watershed known erosion in the erosion hazard class IV criteria with a heavy classification is in the shrub land unit in the unit land I ie shrub classified as erosion hazard class IV (weight) erosion in the land unit of 231.02 tons ha- 1 th-1 with a land area of 115.86 Ha. while the lowest is in land unit VII with a low classification is in the use of dry land agricultural land amounting to 21.159872 tons ha-1 th-1, dry land agriculture has the lowest erosion value because apart from the limited area of dry land agriculture there are conservation measures and treatment of how to plant cut contour lines so that it affects good erodibity.

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